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How do we work?

1. Helping you to work strategically

Qi Consulting works to facilitate change at a strategic level with senior leaders of organisations. We support the change process by facilitating change at operational levels with managers, teams and individuals.

We offer:

  • Facilitation of strategic and operational planning events
  • Objectivity and management of information flow between various levels within the organisation
  • Change management workshops
  • Coaching of managers to deal with specific projects or issues
  • Coaching or training for managers, supervisors and staff in specific skills
  • Team development sessions or events to support change throughout the organisation

2. Helping you to deliver an excellent service

You may be clear about your mission and direction and need to communicate this to staff, key stakeholders and clients. We will support you to:

  • Develop a communications strategy with key messages for target groups
  • Develop a marketing plan with products to support it
  • Design, build and communicate a brand and professional products
  • Run workshops for staff and key stakeholders to communicate key messages
  • Consult with clients and stakeholders to produce on and offline marketing materials
  • Write training packages in consultation with experts to deliver specialised training

3. Helping you to develop managers for the future

Coaching, training and development are key elements in creating a positive learning environment. People feel confident when they have the knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out their roles within the organisation.

Coaching, training and development can be for individual managers who:

  • Are new to managing people
  • Have never had the opportunity, or little opportunity to be coached or trained in their role
  • Are experiencing challenges with team members or colleagues
  • Have had needs identified in a performance review
  • Coaching

4. Coaching

Qi consulting offers solution focused coaching (pdf 206kb) for managers, team leaders or supervisors which is driven by the employee’s needs. This is usually one to one, with agreed outcomes at the outset and confidential between the coach and client.

The coach uses specific and relevant examples from the workplace to explore management techniques or theories. The manager has time to explore skills back in the workplace and to reflect on practice afterwards. This is a highly effective way of developing staff over a 3-6 month period.

5. Training

Training is usually delivered to groups and is geared towards a specific set of outcomes. New or honed skills and competencies can be the result of training sessions. Qi consulting will conduct a training needs analysis and report back its findings before training is designed unless the need has already been identified within the organisation.

6. Learning and Development

Qi Consulting believes that learning and development is ongoing. We can support you to develop a culture of lifelong learning and development within your organisation.

With vision and commitment from the top level, a culture of learning can develop with a planned strategy over a 3 – 5 year period. This might include the development and implementation of:

  • Policies and procedures to support the vision and plan
  • Recruitment and selection training
  • Work-life balance and flexible working approaches
  • Staff appraisals or reviews
  • Training and development plans
  • On-job support
  • On and offline line training and support materials

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