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Recent projects:

  • Leep
    leep, Leading Enterprise Business Partnerships brochure
  • Makingcents
    Makingcents, a parent guide to help with their child's learning and money
  • Riverley Primary
    Riverley Primary Newsletter
  • Sydney Access
    sydney access brochure, a unique work placement program
    ywca nsw brochure, focused on developing the life skills and connectedness of communities and people experiencing critical and vulnerable times
  • Mentoring Toolkit
    In School Mentoring Program PDF brochure cover
  • AFTF
    Asbestos Free Tasmania Foundation (AFTF) PDF
  • VET Network
    vet network featuring article about sydney access
  • Enterprise partnerships
    Leep enterprise partnerships brochure
  • Sydney Access website
    Sydney access website

YWCA NSW Mentoring Team

Work with the YWCA NSW to review their In School Mentoring program, providing team development, coaching and training for staff members. This was followed up with the development of a toolkit for use by existing and new facilitators. Content is based on best practice, input from mentors and coordinators and theory and practice of the facilitation of groups.

Asbestos Free Tasmania Foundation (AFTF)

Work with the CEO to develop information leaflets, newsletter, events and marketing materials.

Key Project Areas

  • Strategic planning

    • Work with senior managers of an international charity to support strategic planning for the development of a national project.
  • Communication plan development

    • Facilitation of workshop with senior leaders to develop a communications strategy for change.
  • Team training

    • Training needs analysis leading to training for a team working within a charity. Areas included, time management, assertiveness, presentation skills and effective communication.
  • Health and wellbeing training

    • Delivery of training to project managers from the rural community covering assertiveness and presentation skills.
  • Vocational education and training

    • Keynote speaker at Partnership Brokers training event addressing how to build sustainable partnerships.
    • Project managing vocational placement program for the NSW Department of Education and Training.
    • Article published in VET Network Australia magazine.
  • School Development Plan

    • Working with a primary school leadership team to develop a 2 year development plan. Coaching the senior leadership team.
  • Coaching

    • Senior leaders and middle managers coaching sessions dealing with solutions focussed coaching around managing people and self.