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More from our clients:

‘The training was great and Colette’s style is brilliant.’ Training participant, charity.

‘I thought the day was fantastic, I’ve never been to a more useful/interesting day. It went so fast (proves my point). It was delivered so well and was all so relevant.’ Training participant, charity.

‘Colette is a skilled listener. She was adept at reframing the concerns I had and in challenging me to see them or interpret them in another way.’ Senior leader, organisation.

‘A structured approach meant that I could see the progress that I was making, and more specifically, what I needed to change. Each time I felt it had improved and every time I felt more confident. Coaching for making a presentation.’ Health professional.

‘Colette was skilled at ensuring that all of the participants were ‘on the same page’ and that the methods used throughout the two days would be suited to the different participant’s learning styles.’ Programs manager, metro, organisation.

‘I needed help in the following areas: being more assertive, diary management and daily work planning. Nothing was ever rushed. We worked through individual goals and solutions one at a time. My headaches have gone.’ Coaching for administration assistant, charity.

‘I have learnt how to deal with the hierarchy in the office and respond in a professional way. I also enjoyed the process of putting together a presentation and the ‘tell em’ theory!! Very useful!’ Training participant, charity.

‘At the closure of our coaching relationship I felt I had developed an awareness and skills that still resonate and work for me today.’ Manager, organisation.

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